Twelve Mile House

"From Cattle to Industries: 1908"
(excerpt, courtesy of SSF Public Library)

The present site of South San Francisco, sheltered under the San Bruno Mountains, dates back before 1850 when it was then known as the Twelve Mile Farm.  This name originated from a parcel of land located around Old Mission Road off of what is now Grand Avenue and Oak Street.

12 Mile House was built circa 1853 as a stagecoach stop 12 miles from the San Francisco Ferry Building. It still stands after more than a century*.

All players were welcomed as long as their last name ended with an "i" or an "o".

*Update: Building was torn down to make room for an apartment building located next to North County Courthouse parking lot at 1050 Mission Road.

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Advertisement appeared in the 18th annual (1950) Nealon Benefit Games program.