Memories of the Game

Fast Pitch Softball - Action Under the Lights




1979 Becker Tile (Oroville)



Description: Picture was taken at Folsom State Penitentiary before game vs. prison team. 

Back row (left to right): Mark Beever, Gene Howell, Big Bob Edwards, Frank Hull (#12), Rick Huston, Bob Crosby, Butch Gonzalves, Gary Stemple.

Front row (left to right): Kendall Larson, Delno Becker, Craig Pattison




1959 Coca Cola






1959 Sacramento Burgies




Back row (left to right): Bob Klagge, Nino Spatafore, Al Vieaga, AL Martinez, Hal Herney (bus mgr.) Al Serpa, John Burcker, Al Stonich, Dick DeFazio

Front row (left to right): Dennis Tasto, Ron Kammerer, Chuck Davis, Chris Georgis, Roy Nash, Stan Priebe, Mike Bakarich





circa 1940 Burlingame Post Office team 

Heckenhemper USPO







1948 101 Club (King City)



1948 King City Lionesses





circa 1940 Manteca town team







1961 Peninsula Paint

September 4


Area: Monterey (Pacific Grove) 

Back row (left to right): Don Davison, John Souza, Merle Drake, Stan Sutton, Paul Ricketson, Al Smith, Jim Morton

Front row (left to right): Don Cattle Jr., Don Cattle Sr., Marty Larkin, George Pina, Larry Segouia, Jim "Duke" Snyder" Roy Pina (batboy)





1968 Peninsula Paint




Left to right: Don Davison and John Souza 



1970 Peninsula Paint


Area: Monterey (Pacific Grove)

Back row (left to right): Merle Drake, John Souza, Wayne Ketchum, Paul Rickitson

Middle row (left to right): Don Davison, Don Cattle Sr., John "Duke" Snyder

Front row (left to right): George Pierce, Stan Sutton, John Duncan




1971 Walter Schulken


Area: Monterey (Pacific Grove)

Back row (left to right): Jim Peterson, Forrie Dean, Don Davison (mgr.), Bob Lande, Don Watkins, Graham, Fred Saenz

Front row (left to right): Bob Nelson, Bob Koenig, unidentified (batboy), George Pina, Stan Sutton, Bill Bryant




1940 Sonora All-Stars






1950 It Club






circa 1950 Fruitvale Lounge



circa 1950 Modesto Hardware Company 





1951 Martinez Yacht Club





1965 Windsor Merchants








Mitch's Club - 1953-54






Martinez Middleton Marchi - 1955


Martinez Middleton Marchi
Area: Contra Costa (Martinez)
Year: 1955

Back row (left to right): Sal Mercurio (p), Ike Lucido (1b), Leo Marchi (sponsor), Bob Gotelli (cf), Red Edison (p). Missing are Nino Billecci (c), Joe Guerra (of) and John Billecci (3b)

Front row (left to right): Mike Mercurio (lf), Joe Billecdi (rf), Russ Van Arsdale (2b), Mel Carone Jr. (batboy), Barry Van Arsdale (ss), Mel Carone (mgr.) 


Annex Organics - 1947


Annex Organics
Area: San Francisco
Year: 1947

Description: The uniform shows Annex/Organic.

Back row (left to right): Frank Eggestsen, Bob Musenhime, Roy Tess, Marge Olvos, John Olvos, Steve, Clayton May, Bud Bittner, Angpolyon, George Hollman

Front row (left to right): Bud Fummerer, Chuck Wagne




Shell Oil Company SDRA - 1953




Mortar Trades - circa 1950


Area: San Jose

Back row: Bill Graber (4th from left); Ben Perry (8th from left)



Napa Merchants - circa 1948


Back row (left to right): Ray Bertolucci (of), Joe DeFillipis (of), Attilio 'Toch' Ghiringdelli (1b), Otto 'Tiny' Beringer (mgr.), Lee Hunt (2b-ss), Al Rutherford (2b), unidentified

Front row (left to right):
Leroy Steck (p), Roy Raymond (3b), Henry 'Chops' Ghiringdelli (2b-c), John Rolleri (c)

Batboy (center):
'Roysie' Raymond


Pictures below were taken at Veterans home in Yountville




Napa Merchants - 1950


The team won the Northern California tournament by defeating Western Sand & Gravel of San Jose and went on to compete in the National World championship tournament in Austin Texas.


Back row (left to right): Lou Willit (mgr.), Fred Borman, Mack Cox, Bill Kroplin (coach), Sherril Frye, Al Zanardi, Ted Brandlin, Hugh Huddleston, Bruno Passini

Front row (left to right): Aaron Elton, Spider Rossi, Ken White, Bill Anderson, Willie O'Brien, Bobby Stevens

Bottom front row (left to right): Ken Squier (batboy), Bob Tennant (scorekeeper)



Napa Merchants - 1951


Back row (left to right): Tom Libby, Lou Willit, Aron Elton, Rodriquez, Mock Cox, Ted Brandlin, Freddie Borman, Syd Dykes

Front row (left to right): unidentified, Leroy Stock, Bobby Stevens, Bill Anderson, George Huntoon, Kenny White, Spider Rossi


Napa Merchants - 1952





Knights of Columbus - circa 1945



Back row (left to right): Art Picanso, Matt Lopez, Gerald Lahan, Alex Santos, Joe Picanso, Lou Cadona.

Middle row (left to right): Pete Shahan, John B. Machado, Manny Vincent, Walt Picanso, Frank Freitas, Manuel Silva, Miranda

Front row (left to right): John Godinho, John Lampe, Tom Lampe, Steve Cuellar.  Bat Boy: Richard Godinho; Mascot: Kenneth Godinho


Tubbs Cordage - 1938

San Francisco



Ticket Takers & Cashiers - 1939



Ticket Takers and Cashiers
Area: San Francisco
Year: 1939

Description: Picture was taken at Treasure Island during 1939 World's Fair.

Back row (left to right): Bill Grayson, Al Vallejo, Al Aguilar, Geo Zehender, Howie Watkins and George Keeney  (Asst Chief of Cashiers)

Front row (left to right): Charles Polos, Lou Singer, Clarence Rhea, Marie Giannini (Mascot), Walt Gere, unidentified


 Pan American Airways - April 9, 1953

Picture was taken at San Francisco International Airport



Pan American Airways - 1940



Richfield Eagles - circa 1940

Area: Amador (Sutter Creek)



Area: Amador (Jackson)

Back row (left to right): Franklin Daneri (1st from left), John Aime (4th from left), John Vukovich (8th from left)
Front row (left to right): Harvey Vinciguerra (2nd from left), Stanley Williams (6th from left), Batboy (8th from left), Ned Vukovich (9th from left)


Standard Oil - 1949



1951-52 Golden State Fast Pitch (Class A. Metro Champs)






Leon Terry - 1951




Galileo Club (Napa) Softball Champs - 1953





Rector Motors in Burlingame



Area: San Mateo (Burlingame)
Year: 1959

Back row (left to right): Cavaco, Ernie Lena (mgr.), Bernie Heckenkemper, Bill Flowerday, Jim "Red" Duffy, Bill Stremme

Front row (left to right): Lou Vaghi, Tony Troy, Rich Jefferies, Cochran, Crary, Bill Smith



Benicia Bombers 1956



Redwood City Merchants


Redwood City Merchants 
Area: San Mateo (Redwood City)
Year: 1955

Back row (left to right): unidentified, Bill Royer, Don Mirandette, Mickey McCandless, Bob Spillers

Middle row (left to right): Joe Jamello, Ed Hunt, Wally Harder, Peter Rodriguez, Abe Rodriguez

Front row (left to right): Pete Katsumis, unidentified (batboy), Hank Dotoli (mgr.)




Redwood City Merchants


Area: San Mateo (Redwood City)
Year: 1957

Back row (left to right): Walt Aragon, Larry Higgins, Bob Cerrato, Pete Katsumis, Al Stonich, Bob Spillers, Bill Royer, Wally Harder

Front row (left to right): Mickey McCandless, Jack Holmquist, John Kane, Pete Rodriguez, Hank Dotoli (mgr.)

Batboys: unidentified


Redwood City Merchants


Area: San Mateo (Redwood City)
Year: 1958

Back row (left to right): Al Stonich, Dick Normberg, Larry Higgins, Pat Campana, Pete Katsumis, Wally Harder, Mickey McCandless, Bob Spillers, Bob Murphy

Front row (left to right): Don Mirandette, Pete Rodriguez, Roger Lee, Hank Dotoli (mgr.), Jack Holmquist, John Kane




Balestra Pontiacs - 1959

Redwood City




San Jose Window Shades - circa 1945


1950 Gus Auto Parts - Alameda (Oakland)





E.H. Peterson & Son

Area: Alameda (Richmond)
Year: 1946-47




It Club

Area: Alameda (Oakland)

Year: 1946




Year: 1995 (March 19)


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