Veterans Home - Yountville

Veterans Home in Yountville, under the California Veterans administration, sponsored and financed Sunday baseball to entertain the veterans residing there as well as general public, starting in early 1930s. According to Veterans Observation Post, the team carried the nickname Buccaneers, but it was not widely used. In 1955, the team took on a new name - Cal-Vets. Players were not residents at the home, many living in the east bay, and were paid for each game. A large number of them played before and after a professional baseball career. A panoply of team’s history is provided below.

American Legion Junior Baseball has replaced the semi-pro team since the 1970's.

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Title: Veterans Home Baseball Grounds
Year: circa 1900
Area: Napa (Yountville)

Description: Postcard picture of first baseball diamond

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