South San Francisco Windbreakers


South San Francisco Windbreakers A.C.
Area: San Mateo (South San Francisco)
Year: 1951

Left picture: Windbreaker Seniors

Back row (Left to right): unidentified, Keith Brunzell, Frank Perez, Bob Butcher, Ray Bregante, unidentified, Bill Malone, Bill Morrison

Front row (left to right): Bill Gillepis (batboy), Tony "Subby" Agliola, Dave O'Bryant, Arnold Brooks, Gene Ratto

Right picture: Windbreaker Juniors

Back row (Left to right): Art Patrick, unidentified, Ted Liecher, Hal Petroni, unidentified, unidentified, Dick Castro, unidentified

Front row (left to right): Davey O'Bryant, Al Vom Steeg, unidentified, Bob Blakeslee, Tom Fillipo, unidentified

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