Ellis Brooks Chevrolet

Ellis Brooks Chevrolet was located corner of Bush and Van Ness Streets.

Ellis Brooks was a Rio dealer for a short time in the 1930s with a partner Louis Cuneo. He was one of the first Kaiser-Frazer dealers during the mid-thirties, then became a Hudson dealer in late forties. Ellis bought the Don Gilmore Chevrolet franchise in 1955 and soon thereafter it became Ellis Brooks Chevrolet. He moved from California and Van Ness location in 1963 to dealership’s current building on 1565 Bush Street.

"Ellis Brooks team was not just a team, it was a family headed by Vince Zuardo and all of us would gather at Vince's home after the games."  -Dick Kalar

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Advertisement appeared in the 27th annual (1959) Nealon Benefit Games program.

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