New Almaden

The New Almaden quicksilver mine in the Capitancillas range in Santa Clara County was the oldest and most productive quicksilver (i.e., mercury) mine in the U.S. The site was known to the Ohlone for its cinnabar long before a Mexican settler became aware of the ores in 1820. By the time they were identified as mercury, the mine was perfectly timed to supply the California Gold Rush. The mine ran intermittently after 1927 and eventually closed. It was purchased by the county and is now part of Almaden Quicksilver County Park.



Area: Santa Clara (San Jose)
Year: 1897

Description: This photograph of New Almaden's first uniformed baseball team was take on the Pagoda proch in Casa Grande Gardens at the Hacienda. Games with visiting teams from nearby towns were played on the grounds of Hacienda School.

Back row (left to right): Dave Bulmore, Jim Fiedler, George Bulmore, Joe Moore

Front row (left to right): Frank McComas, Alma Bulmore, Johnny Selaya (mascot), Al. Acevida, Tom Ynostrosa, Bud McCracken

Contributor: History San Jose and New Almaden Historical Society Library of Historical Photographs

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