This was a small town located out east of Marysville along the Yuba River that originated in the 1800's. It had a post office and school until it was demolished in the 1950's. The area is in the Yuba Goldfields, which use large dredgers in ponds and leave behind mountains of cobblestone. It is more and more forgotten as generations come and go.



Hammonton town team
Area: Yuba (Hammonton
Year: 1937

Back row (left to right): Carl Spencer, Ray Cameron, Joe Colt, Frank Newman, Elmer Newman, Dave Nelson, Bill Monahan, Harold “Sam” Sperbeck

Front row (left to right): Vint Spencer, Gene Brocker, Harold McFarlane (wearing chest protector), Don Aaronson, Bob Spencer. Bat boy with bats is Ray Brocker (Gene’s Brother).