May 1, 2012

Recent antique team photos are now on website. Please see the following: Journals of Hayward (1887), Winters town team (1898), San Francisco All-Stars (1917) - See below, Palermo Orphans (1921), Bisceglia Bros. of San Jose (1927), Rippe Bros. of San Francisco (1930) among others.  There are numerous turn of the century town team pictures on the website, many of which include names of players.

Please note that website is organized so that names of teams from larger cities, such as San Francisco, Oakland and Sacramento, are listed separately in gallery index (Semi-Pro Baseball by Teams), while teams from smaller cities and towns are grouped under each city name.  In some cases where a particular team from smaller city, such as Vallejo Builders or Richmond Merchants, played for so many years the team has its own listing, while other teams from  these two cities, as example, appear under Vallejo-Other Teams or Richmond-Other Teams.


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